Set the Stage

Would your team or your organization run better if everyone did exactly as they were told?  All would follow policy, process, and procedure to the letter.  If one of the staff were out, someone would simply step in to fill the role by following the script.

Or, would your team or your organization run better if everyone understood and were engaged with the goals and the results to be attained?  They could be hired and coached to bring creativity, awareness, connections from their prior experiences and a genuine resolve to be more successful.

The best teams are probably fluctuating by circumstances, conditions, and value proposition somewhere in-between rule-follower and rule-breaker.  An order or form of some sort is always necessary of course or each would be running their own play without regard for the others or the whole.

The table that you set as a leader is to develop with the people and with the work to best deliver that value by genuinely investing in those things that matter most.

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