Be Happy

Happiness is elusive.  Happiness positively influences productivity and job satisfaction.  It can’t be ordered or commanded for you or for a team or organization that you work with.  Everyone generally would choose to be happy, but it can’t be forced or planned.  It’s important to learn and apply that happiness isn’t pursued; it must ensue.

For yourself and in your role as a leader, you need to have or create a reason to be happy.  Once the reason is found, one can become happy automatically.  Think of working with your team to not pursue happiness, but rather to be in search of a reason to be happy.

Constructing a supportive environment where people work to make progress and succeed (personally and professionally) with appreciation for their efforts promotes happiness.  The reason is a shared reason with the work and the production value that people offer or the positive effect they have on one another to reach toward a goal or outcome.  Success or an appreciation of the journey can be a reason for happiness

Happiness really is more of a work ethic of a culture than it is a mood.  It’s a  responsibility of a leader to help to set the stage for success and therefore an reason to be happy.  Shape your applied learning mindset with this in mind:  If you want someone to laugh, you might want to say something that is funny for them.  If you want someone to be happy, influence and promote a culture of constructive reasons.


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