New Year’s Habit

It’s almost New Year’s resolution time again, where the majority of people hope to eat healthy and/or exercise several times per week.  Hope becomes rampant as the calendar turns to another calendar year.  Investments in gym memberships are on the rise, exercise equipment has been ordered on-line and the fast food drive-through lines go down that first week in January.

A very small percentage will apply this emerging hope with purpose.  A person that makes a decision each day about exercise or not, generally fades quickly.  A person that makes a decision each time they walk by food or at each meal time, generally fades very quickly as well.  Justifications and excuses abound…. Life is too busy; I don’t have the time; I’m traveling; It’s too cold; It takes too much time and money to eat healthy; Add your personal “go to” favorite excuse here.

The power of habit (a deliberate decision you stop thinking about) is the difference between failure and success.  A habit is purposeful action.  A decision is consideration or a resolution of hoping it happens.  It’s in your control, take it on as a habit, or not.

From the Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg) to shape a habit:

  • Identify the routine that supports the habit
  • Experiment with rewards that support the habit
  • Isolate the cues that triggers the positive habit (location, time, other people, etc.
  • Have a plan (with the cue setting you into the routine and rewarding yourself; a closed loop that persists)

Make New Year habit’s, not resolutions.  One habit should be to continue to learn and to apply what you learn.


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