Honest Culture

As a leader, do you promote the environment in which everyone on the team has the right to understand what makes sense?  Does the environment then promote that no one has the right to hold a critical opinion of what make sense for the whole, without speaking up.

Ray Dalia, in his book Principles, offers this guidance (and much more) for leaders and their teams:

  1. Speak up, own it, or get out.  What you are not allowed to do is complain and criticize privately- either to others or in your own head.  Openness is a responsibility.
  2. Be extremely open.  Discuss your issues until you are all in sync.  Don’t filter your thoughts, express them.
  3. Don’t be naïve about dishonesty.  People lie more than you imagine.  Dishonest people are dangerous.

To get the future right and the results where they need to be, it’s critical that you as a leader identify and adhere to a set of principles for culture that promote excellence within their team.  Most people are not use to this high level of transparency.  A clear and distinct culture is capable of fostering meaningful relationships, the capacity to reward yourself and one another, and promote a sense of shared accountability that produce excellence.  The alternative does not.  “Settling” somewhere toward the middle of openness still falls short of what might be possible.


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