Golden Mean

You are learning that you have to manage yourself in order to maintain your success.  It’s on you.  “The evidence is in, you are the verdict.” — Anne Lamott — 

There are points along a continuum in managing yourself where the middle ground is more productive.  Aristotle defined this as the Golden Mean.  The continuum of courage, for example, would stretch between coward on one end and reckless abandon on the other.  The key is to find the balance for yourself and the applied learning experiences that you are in.

I’ve watched leaders with tireless ambition (all accelerator and no brake) struggle to find excellence.  We have all seen the opposite with complacency (all brake and no accelerator).  Carefully managing your focus and the depth of your efforts to attain the most effective results (the Golden Mean) is key.  Finding that balance and tempering a similar level of motivation across your team is complicated, but necessary as well.

“In each case, it is hard work to find the intermediate; for instance, not everyone, but only one who knows, finds the midpoint in a circle.”  — Aristotle —

Find the midpoint in your circles, you are the verdict.


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