Humility to Influence

You are starting at point zero with influencing, selling, or marketing an idea or a product to another.  What is the most important thing for you to realize at this point?  From Ryan Holiday’s perspective (Perennial Sellers), it is most important to realize that “no one cares what you have made.”  “How could they, they don’t know what it is.  If they do know, the average fan cares a lot less than I would like to them to.”  “How could they care when they haven’t yet experienced the value or the benefits of what you are telling them at that point?” You built it or conceptualized it and spent great amounts of time with it, but they haven’t.  What do we expect?

Start with the expectation that is your job as the leader or progenitor of this product, idea, or process improvement to influence them to care.  You are also best served if you personally own the fact that you have to do that yourself.  Certainly take great pride and lead with passion to influence with what you create, but understand that you must start at point zero and start with humility and not with ego.

If others aren’t brought to relate with this “product,” it will never move off the ground.  It won’t be their fault, it’s ours.


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