Applying or Just Thinking?

“A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts, so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions.”  — Alan Watts —

It’s hard to continually persist and adjust to the complex realities of the world as you relate with people, environments, and societies.  The alternative world of illusion (as defined above) is staying within your own head and applying no learning or improvement.  Just thinking rolling thoughts.

This is not a new concept.  Applied learning is learning by doing within the reality of the condition with other people, not just perpetual thinking.  Plato shared an observation on “illusionists” around 2,400 years ago in this quote:  “instead of finding out how something they desire might actually come about, they pass that over, so as to avoid tiring deliberations about what’s possible.  They assume that what they desire is available and proceed to arrange the rest, taking pleasure in thinking through everything they’ll do when they have what they want, thereby making their lazy souls even lazier.”

Applying yourself and what you know and learn within reality is how you will create a lasting impact, make a difference with others, and contribute significantly with society, even though it is hard.


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