Blog # 150: Reflection

I’ve struggled and learned a great deal by writing the first 149 posts here in the Applied Learning blog platform.  The originating purpose from June of 2018 to start writing a blog as a shared investment in continual learning and application continues to drive me.  I am still learning thanks to those of you reading and supporting this effort.  A first step has been taken, but I know there is definitely more that we can do within this platform.

So what’s next?  I’d like to create more impactful value with each post.  I’d also like to attract and affect a larger audience of like-minded readers that are actively seeking to learn and grow with purpose.  Aiming the longer-termed value proposition and vision toward significance and lasting impact is what’s next.  Moving forward in the next 150+ posts to attain that next step is overwhelming to think of, but I am moving forward.

I hope you will join me in forming and progressing with this next step.  There are at least two clear ways that you can contribute organically.  First, continue to read and apply what you have read while sharing your experiences with me.  This will help me to add more impactful value, piece by piece (and to avoid a slow death of isolated thoughts).  Second, help me by selecting the larger audience.  I’m asking you to validate and then share the blog with selected “accomplices” that may create a ripple effect of growth.  You are, and you know the people that would benefit from this purpose.

Continual improvement of this blog into a differentiating, value-driven product will take a lot of patience and hard work.  The same is true for the monumental efforts you all take on in your professional and personal lives.  Ernest Hemingway is generally credited with the following quote on writing and creating, “There is nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down and bleed.”  This might be overly dramatic, but I’ll continue learning and applying what I have learned in this writing if you will continue reading.  Please share your thoughts and spread the word.




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