Be In

What if everyone worked just as hard, just as long, and just as efficiently as you did?  If you were the one that were chosen to reflect “everyone,” would your the organization flourish or soon thereafter close?

Very rarely will an organization or even a smaller team have the entire group flowing perfectly through a full day, let alone a week, or a month.  Work is complex, people are complex,  the contingencies of performance are complex with motivation levels and tolerances operating in variant states as well.  There are a lot of moving parts.

I am assuming that most of you, if not all of you reading this blog, invest in yourselves consistently and work diligently to always perform at a high level.  You have a purpose that you are working for.  You have the integrity to deliver your best work, even if and when others don’t.  While it may be disheartening to look around at mediocrity when you yourself work so hard, you shouldn’t allow that to take away from what you are doing.  A first commitment has to be of yourself.

Organizations, teams, and individuals often falter and eventually even fail when mediocrity is where the highest bar is allowed to be set.  Focusing on the character to work hard and stick to what success means to you will always pay great dividends.  Focus on others doing the same thing and grow with them.

Once in awhile you might get a promotion, a bonus, or some form of public recognition for working as hard as you do.  That’s nice, but it is generally intermittent and temporary.  Knowing yourself, and being known for always working hard is of more value throughout your days, months and careers.  Be in, not in the way every day.


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