Make Time

The time is yours, where will you invest it each day, each month, each year?  Or, will you just pass through time as the demands, appointments, obligations, and meeting invites mandate for you?

Consistently investing your time is best supported when you have a long-term and meaningful purpose.  Progressing toward this distinct purpose serves to set a measure or ROI for that investment of your time.  If you can’t measure the investment in some simple way, you’ll likely just pass through time.  Make the time each day versus trying to find the time by measuring your success.

Investing your time also requires you to build productive habits that again progress you towards that purpose.  If you leave the attainment of that purpose to intermittent decisions versus habits, you are again more likely to fail.  For example, you either make a disciplined habit to exercise or read each day toward your purpose or you leave your fate up to an intermittent pattern of ad hoc decisions as to whether you can find the time to do these things.

One other integral asset that I find supports the value of investing my time versus just passing through it, is to make the time to continually learn, of course towards my purpose.  Even though I may need to make/invest more time to learn in order to make more progress toward my purpose, the actions of learning and applying what I learn deeply enrich the experience for me (and ideally for others I relate with along the way).  This continual learning habit aligns with and reinforces (at least for me) the persistence of habit and elevates the attainable level of progress in the ROI of my time.

I’ll close with what I think is a validating quote about finding or making (purposeful investment) of time from Seth Godin.  “The solution has nothing to do with giving people more time (you can’t) and everything to do with creating more urgency, more of an itch, more desire.” 

Make time.



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