A favorite quote of mine exemplifies a leadership necessity to focus on WHO, which is often more important than the WHAT when assigning responsibility on your team:

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit.  Genius hits a target that no one else can see.”          —  Arthur Schopenhauer  —  1788 – 1860

Ray Dalia, in his book Principles, reinforces that if you put your goals in the hands of those responsible parties WHO can execute well, and make it clear to them they are personally responsible for achieving those goals, they should produce excellent results (maybe even genius results).

It’s important to remember that organizations don’t make decisions, people do.  Place responsibility with the most talented people who can execute with their decisions and hold them to that.  I am a huge proponent of establishing a critical improvement concept or tactical initiative and assigning the sole responsibility for that outcome to a single person that will best move the effort forward.  Talented people thrive with guidance and they grow exponentially as a result, as does the organization as a whole from their impactful work.

Please excuse the sports example, but it hopefully clarifies the point of WHO over WHAT in a different way to help you apply this micro-learning concept.  The offense of a football team has one  quarterback position.  As the leader/coach, you put your most talented quarterback  (WHO) on the field to perform that task in order to win.  If you want to lose the competition, settle with a less talented athlete at that quarterback position, one that is more suited to be a kicker and work on WHAT with them.  Put a quarterback on your field to run the offense for your organization.  Put your kicker on the field to kick.



One thought on “WHO over WHAT

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Makes all the difference! Energy is wasted trying to reach a kicker to pass…energy that could be used to build a dynasty instead. Better for the players, better for the team, better for the owners, the fans, the league…

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