Point of Resistance

When leading a change effort and connecting thoughts toward a new and improved direction, you will inevitably find that you will hit an initiating point of resistance.  The resistance point and the following response are generally different with each affected person, but the first point of resistance becomes very apparent.  Don’t frame this as a bad thing.  In fact, it is necessary discovery to reach, to observe, and to work through to make and sustain the necessary changes you wish to affect.

By reaching this hesitancy point with individuals, you begin to learn through their words and behaviors what makes them begin to resist.  The first cues that are given aren’t generally the “real” defining points for them.  The common or status quo terms typically come forward first.  Think of these first cues as being similar to the objections you might offer or observe following a sales pitch.  The most traditional  and socially accepted terms are related to time constraints, affordability, complexity, and  spouse/partner/boss (any other person) blame.  The reality of the resistance may not be fully know yet, but at least you know it is there.

The real problem you’ve discovered in this hesitancy is that they may not want to change their mind or their actions to another way of thinking.  Now that you know there is a problem, you can fall in love with that problem with each individual (beyond the initial objections).  This is where you truly learn to apply change that will make a difference one person at a time.  This is also where your courageous purpose comes in very handy.  This isn’t the easy part, just a necessary one to cross the tipping point of adoption.

If you never hit a point of resistance with others as you set a new mindset and a new course, you’ve either brought a co-innovator on with you or you have a somewhat stealthy laggard on your hands, just hoping you will fail without any engagement on their part.

“The resistance is not something to be avoided; it’s something to seek out.”  — Seth Godin —



One thought on “Point of Resistance

  1. I often feel like you’re writing just for me! Thanks for these long distance insight, inspirations, validates, and nuggets of wisdom!

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