Change You

I’m currently reading the emphatic perspective of Anthony DeMello in his book Awareness, The Perils and Opportunities of Reality.  I just wanted to share one particular thought that he has to open your mind a bit.

We often try to change other people and believe this will make us happy.  To help us reconsider this belief, DeMello offers the below narrative:

Imagine a patient who goes to a doctor and tells him what he is suffering from.  The doctor says, “Very well, I’ve understood your symptoms.  Do you know what I will do?  I will prescribe a medicine for your neighbor!”  The patient replies, “Thank you very much, Doctor, that makes me feel much better.”  Isn’t that absurd?  But that is what we all do.  The person who is asleep (unaware) always thinks he’ll feel better if somebody else changes.  You are the one who needs to change, to take the medicine for your symptoms.  Even if others would change, you’re still the vulnerable, unchanged and unhappy one.

You keep insisting, “I feel good because the world is right.” Wrong!  The world is right because I feel good.

Definitely a perspective worth your consideration as you journey through reality today.



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