Remember It

We often fail to celebrate the big things, those rare moment of having reached a monumental point of progress that occurs in our lives.  I am not referring to a staged event such as a work anniversary or simply reaching an expected level of performance.  I am referring to big wins that dramatically change the trajectory toward your purpose-driven work.  We ought to slow down and celebrate when that happens, but we often don’t.

Below is some great advice that Scott Harrison (Thirst) received from CEO Ross Garber:  “Look around.  Feel the energy. Inhale deeply.  Take a mental picture and put it as deeply into your mind and heart as you can.  Just take it all in.”  “At some point in your life, you won’t have the chance to live these moments again, and you’ll be so glad that you did this.  Stop, taste it, really remember it.”

Look back at one of those “big win” moments in your life and process it for a minute or two.  Do you truly remember it and take great pleasure each time that you reflect on that moment in celebration?


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