If you find yourself overwhelmed with a slew of problems in your work — step away and spend time with your best performers.  The solution for many of the overwhelming volume of problems lies open right in front of you.  Make the time to observe the pattern of the work with top performers.  Discover the critical lesson to be learned from the mindset, actions, and habits of the high performing people that are making it work.  Our misguided instinct is too often to first analyze failure and people that are failing.

Optimistic Leader Approach:  What is going really well today?

Overwhelmed Leader Approach:  What do we need to fix today?

Ben Silbermann, (Founder of Pinterest) warns us:  “If you only engage with people about problems, pretty soon, you’ll become the problem for them.”

Get unstuck by demonstrating optimism and find who is already making it work.  Influence your team to do the same.


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