Fear Not

Why do we allow “fear” to be a bad thing?  Very little is gained, created, and/or learned if it is unaccompanied by unhealthy sense of apprehension or fear.  Professional skier Kristen Ulmer offers a unique perspective in her book, The Art of Fear.  “Never let a good crisis go to waste.  It’s the universe challenging you to learn something new and rise to the next level of your potential.”  “If you push the fear away, the only version of fear available to you will be it’s crazy, irrational, or contorted version.  If you are willing to feel it, and merge with it, its energy and wisdom will appear.”

Ulmer goes on to add her unique perspective for ways to elevate yourself even further beyond fear.  When not in a crisis, take additional steps to go beyond what you are capable of seeing or doing on your own.  You don’t need to wait for the next crisis.  If you are in the best shape of your life, get a personal trainer to carve an entirely new level of fitness.  Bring in a targeted mentoring relationship when you are already in a period of kicking ass in your work.  We don’t need to wait for fear or a crisis to evolve.  With the clarity of no crisis from the onset, new levels of success become apparent.

“Fear Not” is obviously easier said than done.  Those with the courage to create, to produce, to make a difference, or to determine your own path will gain so much more from life.  Life is easy when sitting in the stands and pretending to be a part of the competition.  Being in the competition brings fear and risk, merging with it is great advice.


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