When the task you are about to take on causes you to hesitate because it seems insurmountable, think of this quote from Steven Pressfield (The War of Art):

“The counterfeit artist is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.”

The resistance in our heads is real and valid, at least it is for me.  That doesn’t make those thoughts a bad thing.  If you blindly ignore the resistance in your head and therefore the reality of the challenges that await you, you will likely fail as the artist.  Don’t blindly ignore the resistance or allow it to stifle your purpose.  Instead,  acknowledge the hesitancy in your mind while actively driving through it in reality.  The resistance will help you to determine the most feasible path toward success.


One thought on “Resistance

  1. So true! The hesitation is real but the leader pushes through where others don’t go. Long distance runners get tired and have cramps, but they’ve taught themselves to run through the pain.

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