Growing Pains

From an admired realist, Mark Twain:

“It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction.  Fiction has to make sense.”

The wonders of reality are often more difficult to deal with as you learn, lead and  contribute with organizations.  Sometimes, as Twain refers to, it’s just so real that no one could have possibly made this sh*t up.

These unpleasant problems, deeply rooted in reality, have to be addressed to be overcome.  Not dealing with them doesn’t make them go away, it generally makes them worse.  You’ll face fear and anxiety if you take them on, but those emotions aren’t signs of weakness.  Weakness is demonstrated when you give into them and completely walk away from the reality of it all.

“The pains you are feeling are “growing pains” that will test your character and reward you as you push through them.”  — Ray Dalio (Principles) —




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