Get Back In There

I’m sure that it wasn’t quite as brutal as I remember as a child, but the message of my  experiences will forever be to “get your ass back in there.”  We all got “hurt” at different times, but that wasn’t an acceptable excuse to ever give up on what we were doing.  The lesson must have benefitted me or at least stuck as a principle of sorts.  I’ve kept that same personal mindset as a teacher, a coach, a supervisor, and as a parent.  Apologies to all that I may have offended, but who better than yourself to take care of the situation.

We always have a choice when things get hard, when we get hurt, or when we get bounced around more than a little bit.  The simple choices are these: “step away” or “get your ass back in there.”  The philosopher Marcus Aurelius called on the strong minded to “get active in your own rescue — if you care for yourself at all — and do it while you can.” 

If you can still “go,” then do so for yourself.




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