Year One

This particular post and date (June 15th) marks the first anniversary of writing a daily blog in the WordPress  format.  My originating purpose for writing the Applied Learning blog remains the same, help others learn how to learn.  I am still learning and continuing to write about what I am learning.  This for me, is a shared commitment to help others to learn so that they might make a greater difference in sort of a ripple effect.

I vividly remember the reaction of one of the very few initial readers, “Wow, you’re actually doing this.”  I couldn’t expect others to commit to this learning mechanism if I didn’t formally commit to it myself.  So I started.  Now we are at the one year point with 256 posts having been written.  I am still actually doing this.

Steven Pressfield wrote the following, “A blank page is not neutral.”  Without writing the blog as I set out to do, the “page” would have remained blank.  The blank page would have demonstrated an idea/challenge that was never undertaken.  It would have shown as a lack of courage or hesitancy on my part when I ask others not to be.  We all learn by doing.

In looking back, developing the habit of writing a blog each work day for a year is no real accomplishment.  Writing a blog that in some way influences or inspires others to actively invest in themselves to learn and to measurably improve results is “real” accomplishment.  From the experiences that several of you have thoughtfully shared, I believe I have helped others accomplish a bit more than they may have on their own.  Those realized accomplishments make this writing effort a real accomplishment for me.

Thanks for helping me to commit to this experience and for advising me along the way.  I will commit to write for as long as this effort somehow supports or inspires the  attainment of your “real” accomplishments, and therefore mine.

Most all of the answers to our problems are recorded and revealed by people that have gone before us if we just seek them out.  We owe it to ourselves and to the accomplishment and purpose of others to discover and apply what others have learned from.  Sharing pieces of this learning on a daily basis may truly make a difference for those seeking out and following those learned examples.  That is the significance I am learning toward.


3 thoughts on “Year One

  1. Congratulations! It is a real accomplishment and it has benefited me and I’ve shared it with many others. Thank you Coach!

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