To the End

It’s critically important that we plan to the end, all the way to the end I would add and to radically sustain this as the central focus.  So many times we find ourselves not focused on the long-term goal and we then fall into simply responding in a hazy state with what is occurring now.  How many of us start off on a trip with no destination or outcome in mind, let alone an indication of how we might actually get there and by when?  It can be that clear and focused with the determination of where you want to be in the end with any goal or aspiration, not just with travel.

Our purposeful drive and ability to “think of the end first” helps us to determine our future, not just live with it.  We will always have the impulse and the misconceived ease of  operating in the moment with no planning to the end.  A clear “to the end” focus keeps us in the mindset of determining what matters most now and then to that end goal.

From French philosopher Montaigne (1533 – 1592): “In their beginnings it is we who guide affairs and hold them in our power; but so often once they are set in motion, it is they which guide us and sweep us along.”

If you are just being swept along, you likely remain uncertain and clearly focused on your “think of the end first” goals.  Plan the trip and get there with others.


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