Been There Before

The really wise person never seems to have that many problems.  They are rarely upset and seldom taken off course when something “bad” happens.  We’ve all worked with these people, what are their secrets?  Ryan Holiday offers three reasons why the very wise person is able to temper what others define as problems:

1.  They rarely expect what isn’t possible in the first place.

2.  They don’t just think about what they wish to happen, but also what realistically can happen if things were to suddenly turn.  

3.  They not only consider what might go wrong, but they are prepared for that to be exactly what they want to happen — it is an opportunity for excellence and virtue.

The wise and the experienced will generally approach life and work as if they have “been there before.”  They don’t necessarily predict the future, they instead create it.  They have experience, a plan, and a discipline to attain the level of success they set out to attain.  Of course problems arise, they expected them.  The calm that they exude is a demonstration of leadership.

Are you setting your stage to maneuver one problem at a time or do you have a course that you are on where you have “been there before?”  Be confident until you are by applying what you have learned.

“This is why we say that nothing happens to the wise person contrary to their expectations.”    —  Seneca  —


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