The once conventional wisdom of “good things come to those who wait,” will probably earn you a comfortable seat on the bench of your team or your organization.  Daniel Elk, the creator of Spotify, instead offers a more modern version of that message: “Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.”  The world of work has changed rapidly and is continuing to do so.  Spotify would have been an idea still on the shelf if Elk had waited for good things to come as he waited.  The creative difference is this: over 140 million active listeners of Spotify now have a streaming music opportunity as a result of one person’s determination to not wait.

Daring to make a difference in your contributions and working your ass off with the right organization or opportunity will put you on the field of play and not waiting on the bench.  Elk accentuated his point with this message,  ” If you dare, then you have already gotten further than 99 percent of all others.”  

Most of our efforts to “dare” and to “work our ass off” will probably never be published in a book or create a product for 140 million people.  But, that isn’t the emphasis of learning and applying what you learn here.  The simple take away here is to continue to dare to make the difference you set out to achieve.  Real satisfaction comes from working hard with the work that matters most to you, your product/service, your bottom-line, and your organization in whatever form each of them takes.


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