Learn from Success

Your job as a leader is to make things work.  Today, instead of burying your thoughts and your time in the problems and the people generating the problems, study the people that are doing really well.  Of course you’ll deal with the problems, but don’t take all your lessons and then set your course for excellence by only knowing the lowest level of the organization.

It’s often less sensational, but in balance, it is critical to also learn from success. Focusing only on problems and the laggards that perpetuate them isn’t the only way to learn to make things work.

If you personally wanted to play a sport at a higher level, would you invest your time and energy learning only from other sh*tty players?  Or, would you go seek out a successful pro to learn from.  Learn also from success and those performing at higher levels, not just those failing.

“If you only engage with people about problems, pretty soon, you’ll become the problem for them.”   — Ben Silberman  —  (Founder and CEO: Pinterest)


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