Organizational Change?

Change is many things and it is defined in many ways.  Organizational theorists and leaders have been trying to solve change management challenges for many years.  They are still working on it, but there isn’t one solution for changing an organization or even yourself for that matter.

One of the most critical lessons that I have learned is that change truly happens just one individual at  time.  There is no magic organizational memo or presentation that completes the process.  There is no magic pattern to take a collective group from where they are at to reaching the future desired state.

Change and the prescribed learning that needs to occur to perform something differently than they are doing today, requires an application of what is known and a continual process of improving to that end.  What you discover next is then connected into the next step and the course of learning continues.  Most organizations understand this, yet a majority of change efforts continue to fail after the announced “roll-out” ceremony.

Organizational learning only happens one brain at a time.  Personal change for ourselves only happens through you and your actions.  Huxley offers a memorable quote that all leaders and learners should keep top of mind as they consider leading change with others:

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.                —  Aldous Huxley  —


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