Just decide.

Lots of analysis.  Many meetings.  Vague concepts are accepted.  The root cause problem remains undiscovered.  Relationships are coddled.  Expectations, accountabilities, and desired outcomes remain unstated.  No clear decisions are being made.  This pattern leads to more analysis, the eventual assignment of fault, more meetings, more drama, and then isolated justification with the lack of results.

As a leader, just decide.  Have a game plan for where the collective group needs to go and set the stage for all to get there.  The originating direction will never be perfect, but you’ll be actively pursuing and adapting toward a better place with the group.  The people being led will benefit from the effort, along with the eventual consumer/ customer.  The organization as a whole will improve as well.

Decide.  Learn from the applied direction.  Decide again.  This is continuous improvement at work, moving from strategy to improved results.  The more that you engage with setting a clear direction, the wiser you will become.

“One must steer, not talk.”       —  Seneca  —




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