Start With You, Today

Maintaining your health is a critical element of life’s applied learning journey.  We can’t control it all, but the daily physical health decisions you make have a dramatic effect on you, your relationships and your contributions to society (aka: a meaningful life).

I’ll feature a learned perspective taken from a highly recommended book, Younger Next Year (Crowley & Lodge): “Some 70% of premature death and aging is lifestyle-related.”  In simple form, these are caused or deferred by the way we live and the habits we form.

What will you do about a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis?  Something proactive as a pattern of healthy choice is the obvious solution.  There is certainly ample research and education available to learn from and guide us, but the medical system in general isn’t focused upstream on the prevention of health problems.

“Modern medicine does not concern itself with lifestyle problems.  Doctors don’t treat them, medical schools don’t teach them and insurers don’t pay to solve them.”

The “system” is largely set at a transactional level to hopefully correct what is already diagnosed as a qualified level of illness or defect.  Medical system economics or the lack thereof, solidifies this as the pattern.

It’s largely on individuals, not the system, to educate themselves with learning and applying what they have learned to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Start or restart with yourself today.  Learn and direct a more healthy lifestyle for yourself and for others.  As with any applied learning concept, the daily habits that you practice will set your course for addressing those 70% of death and aging effects of your lifestyle.


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