Learning Applied?

Offering a learning concept each day for potential learners leaves me wondering?  First, does anyone ever read it?  I’m told that it is.  Second, are the learning references that are being facilitated within the blog being connected to and applied for a realized benefit/value for the reader?  Is their learning being connected and applied?

The goal to this point has been to feature an expert reference each day that has in one form or another worked for me as a leader and/or coach.  I search and share what has worked.  The learning concepts themselves are clear and simple to me, but the varying situations that each of you would apply them into are rarely clear or simple.  Does a blog facilitate an opportunity for you to act according to the referenced learning concept to make it your own in the conditions of your real world?

The philosopher Seneca once shared with others that there is a great deal of borrowing and overlap across philosophers?  He stated that “real philosophers weren’t concerned with authorship, only what worked.  What was said mattered less than what was done.”  The same is true for a leader and a coach.

“The way to prove that you really understand what you speak and write, that you truly are original, is to put them into practice.  Speak them with your actions more than anything else.”    — Ryan Holiday  —




One thought on “Learning Applied?

  1. I’m reading, sharing, thinking, and applying. I also appreciate having a repository of wisdom for leaders that can teach, validate, or remind. Thanks for sharing!

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