What’s Missing?

Often times the answer to the problem is right in front of you, but are you looking?  We all make a lot of mistakes, but mistakes can be owned, identified, and corrected well before they produce total failure.  Strauss Zelnick defines failure in this way: “A failure is a collection of small mistakes that haven’t been identified or corrected (or at least addressed) along the way.” 

It may be uncomfortable to stay in tune with the mistakes, identify them, and then address them.  But, this is often the path to success.  Avoidance or ignorance of those mistakes leading to real issues, real problems, and/or real performance variances can lead to failure for all.  Having the character and the integrity to look for and deal with the potentially difficult situations matters greatly.  This is where the wonders of reality lie.

It’s held true in my experience that the obstacle is the way.  There are very few clean paths to success as the efforts unfold toward that end.  Focus your efforts toward identifying and addressing those obstacles within your control as you discover them.

“Always ask: What am I missing?  And listen to the answer.”  — Strauss Zelnick —


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