I am still learning and sharing what I learn.  We are now to blog #300.  From here, I will continue to read and share what the smartest people’s thoughts are as I find them and present those to you with the intent of making a difference with you.

Robert Sutton offers a listing of “Things I Believe.”  Ray Dalio offers his Principles.  Many others have their “Top Ten” type lists.  To commemorate reaching #300, I’ve taken a random effort below to offer what I currently believe are some of the first order principles that are imperative to being a good leader.

Leadership Principles:

  • Start with WHY; a larger shared purpose of the work
  • Live in the Wonders of Reality; start from where you are currently at
  • Insight from the Outside; learn and apply from what others have shared
  • Ego: It’s Not About You
  • Strategy Precedes everything; this gives the group a spreadable and repeatable mindset that gives order to the effort with what should and shouldn’t be done
  • Reasoned Choice; move strategy into actions with solving only what is solvable
  • Define Winning; what does bottom-line, measureable success look like
  • Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch; you’ll go nowhere without genuine relationships
  • Be Confident Until You Are; others closely observe what leaders say and do
  • Close the Loop; finish and apply what you learn into the next iteration
  • Experience Your Decisions; personally observe all levels of the relationships
  • We are Still Learning; deep curiosity differentiates leaders

I hope this listing today resonates with you in your applied learning experiences to date.  There are better words and more complete lists, but the realized impact of learning only comes from the informed actions that you have taken.

Thanks again to those who read, apply, and share this content as a means to invest in yourselves and others to make a difference each day.

Still Learning.


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