Hall of Fame?

One of the reinforcing moments for me as a “coach” is when the learner/player becomes the coach for others.  Not merely through memorized words or concepts repeated, but from the critical thinking and decisive actions taken for applied and demonstrated success.  The applied learning investment they have made in one condition we worked on together, ripples forward in the way of critical thinking and learned experience into novel and/or underdeveloped conditions with success.

Many of the applied lessons learned formulate ideas and not just facts.  Players/learners proved capable of thinking, not just remembering.  Players/learners elevated their knowledge, skills, and performance contributions through active application with others for measurably improved results.  Not just book club reading or Power Point presentations for enhanced vocabulary, but rather an applied learning environment of experiencing and working through the pains of the real work.

As Philosopher Mortimer Adler wrote: ” Nothing can elevate a mind except that which is over its head.”  Applied learning is a growth process of complex iterations of learning depth to become capable of gaining and purveying deeper, broader, and more applicable solutions for demonstrated success.  The player/learner grows to the point of finding the answer themselves and becoming the coach of others in the process.

A rookie quarterback may learn through practice to run the plays that are called with some success.  A veteran and learned quarterback understands the play called, identifies the defensive challenges they will see, induces the adjustments they and the other ten players will need to make, minds the culture in the huddle to accelerate the performance of others, and they “know” the next several plays that should be called to demonstrate further success.  They are a coach on the field with a highly elevated mind (see Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and many other Hall of Fame level QB’s before them).

I am not aware of a worker Hall of Fame for brilliant learners and coaches, but nevertheless, I still encourage you to continue learning and applying what you learn as a veteran.  Discovering and applying a learned difference with others is reward and satisfaction enough.  The resulting impact may also bring recognition, accolades, and financial gains as well if those are important to you.

“All genuine learning is active, not passive.  It involves the use of the mind, not just the memory.  It is a process of discovery, in which the student is the main agent, not the teacher.     —  Mortimer Adler  —



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