Ripple Effect #1

I received a brilliant suggestion yesterday from a regular reader:  Feature the material learning and leadership efforts of others in this format.  Share material examples of what readers are creating as they connect ideas to make a difference in their purposeful work.  Sort of an ripple effect illustration.

So here is the first ever “voluntold” ripple effect experience “offered” by a reader.  It inspired me and I’m certain it will at least resonate with you as well.

I will count on your comments and any future contributions you’d like to offer to determine if we should do this more frequently.

*Below message extracted from a leadership team communication*

“Only three things happen naturally in an organization — friction, confusion, and under-performance.  Everything else requires leadership.”  — Drucker —

Reflecting back on this week and some of the needed talks, challenging norms and baby steps toward restoration it reminded me that this is “normal”.  It’s normal for an organization that has undergone major changes recently. It’s normal when leadership is trying to figure out who they are and where they are going. It’s normal for things to feel out of whack.

What’s not normal is staying there.

We have the opportunity to step up in our leadership roles and help our organization dig in. We serve people- the youth are our customers – and we need to make sure that what we produce is safe and effective and most of all useful.  Are we fulfilling that? Are we meeting the expectations we set for ourselves?

Each one of you has strengths and skills and the ability to lead, but leading isn’t a one time decision. You make that decision everyday. You make it hourly some days. You make it when someone is pushing your buttons, you make it when someone isn’t listening, you make it when someone is apologizing or when someone is opening up. You choose to be a leader on the drive to work, in the hallway, in meetings and when you’re thinking about what you improvements you can make on a Saturday afternoon. You have the choice to walk away too or to shut down or to not seek growth. We all have choices everyday.

Let’s choose leadership and create the organization we believe in.



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