Step Up

Defining a Why and a purpose for your work for a shared vision is critical.

Continuing to learn and apply what you learn is critical to set a course for improvement of performance to attain and surpass visionary-level results.  A passion for continual learning and applying what you are learning is critical.

The necessity to move from a visionary state to one of attained results requires planning and prescriptive actions.  Determining and implementing the actions with the group generate the realized value of leaders.  Setting the course is critical.

There are leaders that coast.  There are leaders that are amateurs, but are still learning.  Then there are leaders that are seasoned and learned professional that focus with people and the actions necessary to reach and sustain resounding success.  The differentiating level and value of leadership is derived with taking a group on the path to success.

Below, Vaclav Havel offers a symbolic reference or visualization for the necessity to  focus, plan, and iteratively lead a series of actions to accomplish success.  To lead for impact and not just intent from vision to realized success:

“Vision is not enough; it must be combined with venture.  It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs.”

We all must step up and inspire others to do the same to make the difference we set out to make.

Stepping up is critical.




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