A Good Coaching Day

Yesterday, I was honored to have several coaching dialogues with fellow learners about why, what, and how they might navigate and best experience the next iterative actions in their professions.

In each case, the learner was still learning.  Each (in their own form) was uniquely working to test their current base of critical thinking, to assess the trusted learning principles they have operated from to this point, and to set the practical application experiences of prior lessons learned.  These will now be connected/reconnected in setting their next actions.

Each is now affirmed with the strategies they have set.  They will go on yet another course of learning and applying what they have learned.  They will each find the way to make the difference they seek to make and to attain the improved results and ultimately the impact they are working to achieve.  Each of these learners will also challenge and coach others to be better in their work through their efforts.

Yesterday was a good learning day.

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson 


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