In Transition?

A lot of people don’t appreciate change, in fact they overtly fear change and work diligently to order it away.  People work hard to sustain a pattern of “comfort,”  irrespective of what is truly best for them and others in terms of growth and expanding your impact.

Realize though, that change is merely a primary step in making a difference.  Think of change as mostly reorganizing and/or reprioritizing a behavior or series of  behaviors.   Change is merely external, transition is internal.

Transition is the real and necessary next step for significant growth.  Transition requires the real evolution of your mind as sort of the regulator for the connected series of changes to be made.  Transition is not at all superficial, it must be owned.  Transition is a firm decision to work toward a defined purpose and frequently involves the engagement of the minds of others that will own it with you.

A favorite author of mine on the subject matter of transition is William Bridges.  He simplifies a very applicable process with clear intellect and shared experiences that fostered my curiosity and gave me the confidence to apply and grow in this area.

Change is challenging, transition is harder.  Always remember, “Easy choices, hard life.  Hard choices, easy life” from Jerzy Gregory.

Transition away for a better way; the easy life.

“It is when we are in transition that we are most completely alive.”    — William Bridges —


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