I want….

It’s not all about you and what you want as a leader.  Hundreds or even thousands of independent decisions are made each day by those performing the work.  What has leadership put in place to set the strategic stage for guiding and influencing the daily decisions of those that are actually executing the strategy as they perform?  There is strategy and then there is the execution of that strategy.

“We tend to think that, in a traditional organization, people are producing results because management wants results, but the essence of a high-quality organization is people producing results because they want the results. It’s puzzling we find that hard to understand, that if people are really enjoying, they’ll innovate, they’ll take risks, they’ll have trust with one another because they are really committed to what they’re doing and it’s fun”   —  Peter Senge —  

The execution of the strategy is the differentiation offered by great people, great organizations, and then great leaders.


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