The Physical Domain

The body keeps score.  From the most recent work of Ryan Holiday (Stillness is the Key) he has effectively summarized the critical importance of taking care of yourself physically.  Other domains, mental and spiritual, require the physical domain be tended to for full productivity and happiness.

“No one can afford to neglect the (physical) domain in our journey to stillness.  What we do with our bodies.  What we put into our bodies.  Where we dwell.  What kind of routine and schedule we keep.  How we find leisure and relief from the pressures of life.”  “That is to say, we will be reflective, we will be responsible and moderate, and we will find time to relax in nature.” 

Each of us will:

  • Rise above our physical limitations
  • Find hobbies that rest and replenish us
  • Develop a reliable, disciplined routine
  • Spend time getting active outdoors
  • Seek solitude and perspective
  • Learn to sit – to do nothing when called upon
  • Get enough sleep and rein in our workaholism
  • Commit to causes bigger than ourselves

Taking care of yourself physically is not an intermittent decision to be made here and there in a busy life.  Care of the physical domain is a first principle and requires a disciplined pattern of commitment to live life at it’s fullest.

If this comprehensive listing were a scoreboard for your physical domain today, how are you doing?  Would you and those closest to you ever regret your attaining mastery in each of the identified areas above through to your final days?  Start from where you are currently at and make continuous progress.


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