Seeking Wisdom?

What should we focus on to attain the wisdom necessary to truly excel in our work with others?  I’m sharing some guidance from Ryan Holiday (Stillness is the Key) that for me captures this with unique clarity.  He has compiled and refined the nature of accumulating wisdom from a broad variety of time-tested philosophical themes into very simple form.

Frame each theme as needing to interrelate with the others and not just linear steps to be taken.  Nothing magic, just realistic.  Learning must never stop.

  • The need to ask questions
  • The need to study and reflect
  • The importance of intellectual humility
  • The power of experiences – most of all failure and mistakes – to open our eyes to truth and understanding

“Wisdom is a sense of the big picture, the accumulation of experience and the ability to rise above the biases, the traps that catch lazier thinkers.”   —  Ryan Holiday  —

Be wise.


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