Sometimes the best solution is to wait, to fly by another time or two if needed, until the circumstances are just right to affect a change or improvement effort.  We all need to learn more about the real wisdom required to wait for just the precise moment to activate.  You have to stop and think.  It’s probably true that only fools rush in.

What makes a football coach great at calling plays during the game is much more than the design of that play.  Great design of plays alone will get you a pretty playbook and last place in the league.  A play called will only be great if it is called at precisely the right time, under the right conditions, and with the right personnel.

In football (and in life) there are audibles, where the potentially great offensive play that was called in the huddle is changed, once the other team sets their defense.  Great design alone won’t make it a great play until it fits.  So we should wait.  Waiting and timing the actions to be taken is demonstrated by only the greatest and lasting coaches and leaders.  In this wisdom of knowing how and when to activate your design, an environment of relationships attains a much higher and more consistent level of excellence.

“You don’t solve a maze by rushing through.  You have to stop and think.  You have to walk slowly and carefully, reining in your energy — otherwise you’ll get hopelessly lost.  The same is true with the problems we face in life.”    — Ryan Holiday —


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