Think Differently

Every so often, we get the privilege of talking with someone about the specific nature of their business and what success would look like for them in the future.  In these dialogues, there are great opportunities for discovery.  Not necessarily with gaining specific industry knowledge, but rather with helping this person to discover new ways to better their work and their organization.

These opportunities inspire me to also examine/re-examine the path I am on myself as a developer of work I am currently centered on.  It stirs creativity to seek directions and solutions to problems where there are currently none.  After all, other peoples work problems (and we all have them) allow you to be naïve to subjectivity, preconceived notions and largely unmoved by any associated fears.

Being open to discovery is a wonderful attribute of a leader.  It promotes an opportunity to continue learning.  Each of us should form habits to engage in discovery with the work of others and within our own opportunities.  See and then think differently; therein lies a better alternative or maybe even a solution.

Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.      —   Albert Szent-Gyorgyi  — 

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