Before Change Is Easy

Building real momentum with change is exhilarating.  In the early stages of the process, the leadership should be centered on actively engaging with others in the changing of behaviors that will ultimately improve and sustain the outcomes/results/impact that an organization offers.  Each person involved makes a personal choice, organizational change happens one mind at a time.

A change leadership key is to walk the various paths with each of them and ask that they walk with others as well.  Lead together while new is harder.  Appreciate the difficulties and grind of what people are experiencing as they evolve together.  Focus to demonstrate, recognize and celebrate higher and higher levels of progress that can be sustained and eventually mastered.

Change is an individual journey of simplification and practice that collectively leads to a group level discovery of what can be realized.  Wisdom, influence and perseverance required.

“Everything is hard before it is easy.”    —  Goethe  —



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