The Long Game

Rookies play in the short term; one day, one week or perhaps one month at a time.

Professionals set a course for an entire career. The long game.

The decisions and the course you set for yourself and others should be much more than living one play at a time.

Getting an “A” in a course, obtaining a degree, negotiating a higher rate, and/or closing a big deal are the singular focus of the rookie.  But then what?  What will the rookie do for the remaining thirty or more years, thinking constantly of only the short term.

The professional instead works their entire career connecting deeply with the purpose of their life and their work.  Think of the end first with your purpose and contributions.  Imagine a deep network of professionals, friends and family across a career that accomplished much toward their determined end game focus.

Hall of Fame induction or Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) distinction by your peers are reached by very few in the world of professional sports.  Those that make it to that level generally set their course early on to do just that.  Set your course to your long term purpose.  Don’t live just one decision or day at a time.


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