Keep Growing

Walt Disney feared very little as he set off on his many endeavors.  He constantly sought out what was new and disruptive in the work of entertaining people.  His cause was to transport people to another world.  If he had simply made a profit by managing some repeatable processes, much of what was ultimately created toward his cause would have never been realized.

“I’ve always wanted to work on something alive, something that keeps growing.  We’ve got Disneyland.”    —  Walt Disney  —

Is your work in Missouri, Nebraska, Tennessee, California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida or wherever about being new and disruptive to make a difference?  Is it your Disneyland-like cause?  Is it alive with other invested people?

Revel in the problems, there will be plenty because no one has solved them yet.  Work to be even better each day at delivering toward that shared cause.  Believe in something, having faith in people that genuinely engage to build it with you.


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