Get Lost

Make time each day to get lost.  Put yourself as unreachable for a short period of time.  Go for a walk to see what is around you, mind wide open to discover.

Curiously seek to discover something new.  From my Father I’ve learned to never just walk to go from point “A” to “B.”  If there is something out of sorts, something barely noticeable or even a coin on the ground to be found, he discovers it.  I’m happy to have inherited a similar sense of curiosity.

From Ryan Holiday on getting lost:  “It’s not about anything.  It is instead just a manifestation of the concepts of presence, of detachment, of emptying the mind, of noticing and appreciating the world around you.  Walk away from the thoughts that need to be walked away from; walk toward the ones that have now appeared. On a good walk, the mind is not completely blank.  The point is to see what is around you.”

“It is only ideas gained from walking that have any worth.”  —  Frederich Nietzsche  —

Get lost.


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