Game Over?

“In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.”  —  Isaac Asimov  —

Life isn’t as neatly packaged as a finite set of rules that you find in a game of chess.  The game is designed specifically to be a finite contest.  Start and end, winner and loser.

Life, relationships and work can’t be designed or simplified to be that simple.  Narrowing your mindset to only one finite contest at a time can be a critical error.  Life, relationships and work continue on.  Checkmate doesn’t apply here.  You will and should experience measured wins and loses along the way, but the game continues.

Twenty people apply for a job that only one can get.  Finite or infinite?  You weren’t selected.  Is that checkmate for your entire career?  The experienced “loss” will hurt and you should learn what you can from it, but we all can realize that one decision isn’t the end of a finite game.  Rub some dirt on it and get back to focusing and fulfilling your purpose-driven career.

Your decisive long-term purpose sets an infinite course, irrespective of setbacks.  Don’t lose the infinite perspective.  Continue learning and progressing toward that end.






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