Be Better In 2020

I enjoy challenging myself and others, but most of you already know that about me.

All successful coaches and leaders that I have known or studied do this exceedingly well.

A challenge to be better and to have achieved creates more meaningful life experiences.

Achievement requires us to learn and to behave on an intentional course.

This is the nature of the challenge.

Change is required to be better.  Appreciate the changes that you make to be better.

Some guidance offered:

Clarify your WHY, with what and how you are going to be better this new year?

Set an intentional course.  Writing it out dramatically increases success rates.

Base this new course from the reality of where you are currently at.

Commit at least to what you can incrementally accomplish in the short period of a year.

Prioritize.  Be better at what matters to you and to your family and friends the most.

Behave.  Habits require actions.  Just start.

Hoping remains to be an inactive state.

Continue to learn and to actively apply what you are learning on the course that you set.

We only behave in the present.  It’s unproductive to worry about the past or fear the future.

We are all still learning.  Happy Applied Learning Habits for 2020.



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