#400 and Still Learning

I believe that I’ve written this material each weekday in an effort for you to accomplish something.  If I were writing just for myself, it would be no more than taking and then filing notes for just my learning benefit.  What is written is only a valuable product if it finds it’s way to be productively applied in your use of it.

Learning to coach through writing in this format continues to be a humbling and challenging experience.  With this, I am still learning.  At this milestone of #400, I want you to again know that I greatly appreciate that you have made a habit of continuing to learn with me.

If even one of these messages has brought a realized value for each of you in creating a differentiating and lasting impact, this experience has been worthy.  If you pay the messages forward in a rippling effect of applied learning, where others derive value as well, that is the level of significance I someday aspire to achieve.

I recently discovered the author, William Arthur Ward.  Today, I share one of his many clarifying axioms that I believe provides a logical sequence to learn and to apply:

A Note To Myself  

Before you speak, listen.

Before you write, think.

Before you spend, earn.  

Before you invest, investigate.

Before you criticize, wait.

Before you pray, forgive.

Before you quit, try.

Before you retire, save.

Before you die, give. 

—  William Arthur Ward



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