Be Inspirational

Congratulations, you’re off to a great start this year with your personal learning.  You’ve read this blog a couple times, you’ve read a good article and someday soon you’ll watch a great TedTalk presentation.  Good for you, you are inspired.

Remember though, the focus isn’t to be inspired, it’s to be inspirational yourself.  What you are learning needs to be reflected upon and applied to bring any realized value.  It is not enough to simply take in the information.

Don’t stop at passively taking in what intelligent people before us have recorded.  The lessons were written to be activated into your interpretive context to become better (aka to be inspirational).

Improved competence through learning and applying what you are learning affects the level of impact that is produced.  Problems are solved, desired results are attained and those working together in this process will all grow from the experience.

“Reflect then, that your ancestors set up those trophies, not that you may gaze at them in wonder, but that you may also imitate the virtues of the men who set them up.”  —  Seneca





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