Give Results

Verbal arguments may end, but there is rarely a winner.  Opinions and emotions permeate well beyond the end of the discussion.  The supposed victory of winning an argument to push the work moving forward rarely brings others (those arguing with you) along for the journey.  You’ll walk alone and losing entities will defensively hold to their opinion and emotion.  Titles and organization chart authority will change very little in these scenarios.

It’s best to demonstrate success rather than argue about it.  Demonstration is indirect.  Once you demonstration the genuine value you wish to see created in reality, the direction is more openly accepted as everyone’s idea.  You may even make a concessionary “alteration” within your demonstration to validate anticipated reflections of others assumed to hold an adversarial position.  This promotes additional levels of open-mindedness, sustainability and continuous improvement beyond even the originally demonstrated value.

Get others to agree with your actions without saying a word.  Give results.  Do right, rather than arguing to be right.

“The truth is generally seen, rarely heard.”    —  Baltasar Gracian  —


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