Suffer Less

It’s unfortunate, but real that failure provides the greatest lessons.

How you respond and then react to each failure is the key.

Our response is often entrenched with an over-debilitating burden of doubt and shame.  We intended to succeed and didn’t yet get there, so we deserve to suffer greatly.

In this suffering, the reaction or the next steps that we will take from the lesson of failure to reapply are deferred, limited or even disregarded completely.

Don’t allow an over-suffering response from a single defeat to set a whole season off course.

People you lead are watching your response closely.  People watching you are waiting for the reactive course that you will set.

Learn from failure.  Don’t conceal it, there’s no such thing as a good loss.  Respond decisively with character, while suffering less.  React with confidence from your newly  learned experience.

“It is because mankind are disposed to sympathize more entirely with our joy than our sorrow, that we make a parade of our riches, and conceal our poverty.  Nothing is so mortifying as to be obliged to expose our distress to the view of the public, and to feel, that though our situation is open to the eyes of all mankind, no mortal conceives for us the half of what we suffer.”     —  Adam Smith  —   


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